Quarantine Restrictions


Jillian McMahon

A restaurant’s dining room closed due to quarantine

With the coronavirus spreading throughout the world, there have been more and more regulations regarding quarantine.
For starters, schools have been closed for the remainder of the school year and will be finished by digital learning. Also, Fridays have become review days for students and teachers. Final exams will be starting on May 11. AP students are not required to take a final exam on the day of the AP test. These students can make up their exam on May 18-20 when finals are available for makeup.
Gwinnettcounty.com states, “Though the Shelter-in-Place Order expired for most Georgians May 1, Governor Kemp continues to urge Georgians to stay home whenever possible and practice social distancing.” However, different counties have adopted different rules, and different cities have taken them up to different standards. The stay at home order requires residents to not leave their home except for essential services or to maintain a business or work for the government.
Also, Gwinnettcounty.com states, “On April 30, Governor Kemp issued an executive order extending the Public Health State of Emergency through June 12, 2020. As part of this executive order, elderly and medically fragile residents must continue to shelter in place through June 12.”
All travel has been prohibited, and all events have been postponed. Outdoor activities are permitted as long as six feet of distance is maintained.
Gwinnettcounty.com shares several pieces of information regarding the status of the county and the state as a whole:
City Hall is not open to the public, and most courts have closed for general business.The Presidential Preference Primary and the state and local primaries were originally set for March 24, were moved to May 19, and will now be held on June 9, and the Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners public hearing for April 28 was cancelled.
The Gwinnett Justice and Administration Center and Gwinnett County Courts Annex now hold temperature screenings, and deputies will check the temperature of any person that enters the building.
The Gwinnett Animal Shelter has suspended adoptions until further notice. Any person that has lost a pet that they have found on the animal shelter’s website must make an appointment to go to reclaim their pet. The shelter will continue to accept stray or injured animals.
The Gwinnett County Fire Marshal issued an outdoor burn ban on March 23 that has not been lifted. Residents are allowed to continue to use campfires or BBQ grills safely without a permit.
Starting from April 13, buses can only carry a maximum of 11 passengers and Gwinnett County Transit will not take routes to downtown Atlanta except for Route 110.
Lastly, Gwinnett encourages residents to stay healthy and “clean [their] hands often, avoid close contact with others, stay at home as much as possible, cover coughs and sneezes, wear a cloth face covering when possible, and stay home if [they] are sick.”