Disney’s Teaming Up with Pandora


Madison Whitehead via Spark Post

Disney once again teamed up with Pandora to create yet another collection.

On April 3, Pandora launched another Disney inspired jewelry collection. Even though Pandora has worked with Disney before, GoodtoKnow said that this is the first time Disney’s in-house toy design team was involved.

The new line features charms that are inspired by Disney characters and movies for Pandora’s customisable bracelets. According to GoodtoKnow, “The sterling silver pieces are hand finished with a pop of enamel colour and are based on classic films like The Aristocrats, 101 Dalmations, Finding Nemo, Mulan, and Alice in Wonderland.” There is also a Cheshire Cat charm, Patch the Dalmatian charm, Minnie Mouse charm, Mickey Mouse charm, and a Marie the Kitten charm.

Ryleigh Jenkins, 9, said, “I think it’s awesome how Disney has teamed up with Pandora to make new charms. They are all really cute, and it would make a good gift for a little kid in the family or a loved one.”