ColourPop’s “Mulan” Makeup Collection


Madison Whitehead

ColourPop released its Mulan-inspired makeup collection on March 19.

The release date of Disney’s live action movie “Mulan” has been postponed due to the Coronavirus, but to still promote the movie, Disney released a Mulan-inspired makeup collection with ColourPop on March 19. The collection is available on ColourPop’s website.

According to Elite Daily, the collection “… features eight items that all retail for under $25… You can get the full collection for $78.”

Some of the products in the collection include red lipstick, an eyeshadow palette, and blushes. Elite Daily also mentioned that ColourPop’s sister skincare brand, Fourth Ray, is even included in the collection with a face and lip bundle.

Layo Akinropo, 12, said, “[My] first impression is that the packaging is very vibrant, which catches my eye. The shadows include matte and shimmers, which is great because it gives the buyer many different makeup look options to play with. Also, paying $78 for the full package is definitely an amazing deal considering all that it comes with.”