Handling senior dues


Joelin Linonge

Seniors payed for their senior dues on the GA Balfour website.

Handling Senior Dues

As we all know, coronavirus is a worldwide event right now, and social distancing is the most crucial thing right now. However, that means that things like school got unfortunately cancelled.

This has affected the seniors, considering the fact that they had a lot of fun senior events that were planned to happen at the end of the year. Prom, senior week, locker strips, and the graduation walk are just a few to mention.

Seniors also paid money for all of these events at the beginning of the year with their senior dues.

Many of the seniors are discussing how they think the school will handle all the money

Christine Bahn, 12, said “If you didn’t already pay for them, you don’t get a cap and gown. But if you already paid them, they’re gonna try their best to either mail or have us pick up everything we paid for.”

Bahn also talked about how seniors felt getting money back, while still having everything cancelled.

Bahn said, “We’ll still be sad, but I think we’ll feel a little better once we get our money back. I was most excited for senior week because I wanted to dress up with my friends and do the senior walk.”