Mary Poppins Dance


Courtesy of Raina Klopper on Creative Commons

Julie Andrews played Mary Poppins in the movie this dance was based off of.

Mary Poppins Dance

The dance team had an upcoming dance they had been preparing for, called Mary Poppins.

The dance, that was based on both movies Mary Poppins and Mary Poppins Returns, is about chimney sweaters, maids, and of course Mary Poppins. It will incorporate songs from both movies.

The dance will definitely follow the eccentricity of the original movie.

Brooklee Lightsey, 11, said, “There will be a lot of tricks and fun things to get the audience’s attention.”

Each dancer also has their own role in the dance.

Brooklee said, “I’m gonna be a chimney sweeper. They do lots of tricks, just like the movies, and have a lot of scruffy and blackened costumes.”

The dance was supposed to be held on April 23, 24, and 25, in the theater, at 7 PM. However due to coronavirus and mandatory quarantine, this dance, as well as the rest of the dances in the show, were unfortunately cancelled.