Lady Gaga New Song Review


Courtesy of Brittani Mansyn on Creative Commons

Lady Gaga released the music video for her song “Stupid Love” on February 28.

Stupid Love Song Review

On February 28, Lady Gaga released her new song called “Stupid Love” from her upcoming album “Chromatica.”

The music video has been out for less than a month and already has over 47 million views on YouTube.

The music video for the song appears to have a video game battle kind of concept. The people in the music video are seen dancing in a kind of battlefield setting while wearing pink suits that look like armor. All in all, the video is very vibrant.

The song is about her wanting love from someone, even if it’s stupid or trivial. In the song, she says, “All I want is to be loved,” and “I want your stupid love.”

The song has an 80s synth sound to it, which I believe is quite reminiscent of her old music. The song is very catchy, and it is definitely a song that you’d want to put in your 2020 music playlist.