Epic Sports Lab


Amiyah Garner

Jair Reymundo, 11, testing out how fast he can hit the ball

Students in the Epic program recently began a new project called the Epic sports lab. On Wednesday, January 29, students went to the batting cages during class to perform this lab where they explained the mechanics of their project and how they record their data.

“Students have this special baseball, and they will record how fast it goes and how many times it spins..It is sent to an app, and they also record data for this to provide a service to baseball players so [that] it can help them improve in the areas they need to,” Ethan Bishop, 11, said.

Students described how the lab is challenging them in new ways and applies real world aspects to what they have been learning in engineering class.

“I think it’s very interesting because we have a chance to get out of the classroom and have hands on learning experiences. I do think that it is very challenging because it is actually using real life situations and possible future job characteristics,” DJ Hawthorne, 11, said.