Super Bowl LIV

Kansas City Chiefs vs San Francisco 49ers


Leena Sheikh via Canva

Super Bowl LIV banner with teams and score of the game

On February 2, the Kansas City Chiefs won against the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl, 31-20, for the first time in 50 years.

The 49ers played the Chiefs in Miami, Florida. The Chiefs have been to the Super Bowl twice while the 49ers have been to the Super Bowl seven times.

Grace Myles, 10, said, “I feel upset about the outcome of the Super Bowl. I really wanted the 49ers to win.”

The Chiefs were down by 10 until the last three minutes of the fourth quarter when they scored 11 points.

Parker McCain, 9, said, “I thought [the 49ers] were [going to] win for sure. They have been to the Superbowl more than the Chiefs, so I just figured they’d win since they had more experience. But since the Chiefs had Mahomes, that kinda gave them the advantage.”

The halftime show featured Jennifer Lopez and Shakira with Bad Bunny while the National Anthem was performed by Demi Lovato, all of whom are of Latin descent.

Emily Hassell, 9, said, “I was really surprised that all the performers were Latina. I feel like the people who organized it were trying to make a statement or something.”