Coach Lovelady


Abby McCoy

Coach Lovelady has been working at Mill Creek High School for 16 out of the 24 years he has been coaching.

Coach Lovelady is the head coach of the football team. He has been coaching at Mill Creek for 16 years, but he has been coaching for 24 total years.
Lovelady decided that he wanted to coach and lead kids to their adulthood because of the people who guided him when he was younger.
“I was coached by a great man,” Lovelady said, “I am who I am now because of him.”
Lovelady’s favorite part of his job is the interaction he gets with the kids. With all the time he spends with the players in practices, he gets to shape them into young men. Lovelady also said that he loves coaching because he can help and watch his athletes mature on and off the field.
“Coach Lovelady is a great coach. I admire the way he was able to step up as our new head coach and produce a team good enough to make [the] quarter finals.” Karsen Lineo,10, said.
Lovelady wants “to see the best in the young men [he coaches] and watch them develop into model citizens” in the future of his career.
Quinn Casteel,10, said “Coach Lovelady is a players coach. Since taking over as head coach, he has worked to not only make us better players, but better young men.”