Google Classroom vs My eCLASS


Joelin Linonge

Sara Curtin, 9, logging into her My eClass account

Google Classroom vs Myeclass

Google Classroom and My eCLASS are two tools that we use at our school. However, people’s views on them may be subjective.

My eCLASS is a site where we can check our grades and visit our teachers’ course pages for additional information, such as classwork and homework if we were absent.

Emily Widay, 9, said, “I believe My eCLASS is more important because you can use it to check your grades, and there are textbooks on it, and when you’re absent, your teachers put things from the day before.”

Google Classroom is another network we frequently use that can be accessed through My eCLASS and on our Google Drive. In this, we can join classes and access important information and links posted by our teachers that may be used by us.

Emma Lazarz, 9, said, “I think Google Classroom is probably more important because that’s what we use a lot and what teachers post assignments and everything on. I only use My eCLASS for grades.”

At the end of the day, they both serve a purpose, and are used to make communication between teachers and students easier.