Teacher by Day, Coach by Night

Spotlight: Mrs. Hammond


Joelin Linonge

Ms. Hammond teaches kids in and out of the classroom.

Majorie Hammond is a language arts teacher in the EPIC program. However, outside of school, she is also a soccer coach. She loves both of them equally and doesn’t find it hard to manage both.

Hammond said, “I love managing both. It brings me so much joy because if you have a hard day in one area, the other areas will help you have more fun.”

Ms. Hammond believes that teaching and coaching have a lot of similarities and doesn’t see much of a difference in them.

Hammond said, “I believe differences with teaching and coaching are not very big. There is a goal you’re trying to achieve in each setting, and I’m a competitive person in each setting. So when I’m helping a kid on the field, or helping a kid in the classroom, I’m wanting to push them to do their best.”