Do Extracurriculars Affect Our Academic Life?

How Students Balance Both


Joelin Linonge

The jazz shoes represent extracurricular activities, and the SAT book represents schoolwork.

Do Extracurriculars Affect Our Academic Life?

At our school Mill Creek, there is a big variety of clubs. We have academic clubs as well as student sponsored clubs. School extracurriculars are a way for students to express their personal interests and to keep them occupied with things outside of their academic work.

However, some would argue that after school activities are a hindrance to students’ academic work and put too much stress on students.

Ryleigh Jenkins, 9, said, “[Clubs] make school life more fun, but sometimes, it’s hard to tackle those on top of homework. I think as long as you balance your time wisely, it doesn’t matter what you do.”

Annique Linonge, 12, believes that participating in clubs positively affects students.

Linonge said, “I think [clubs] make school a little bit easier because [they’re] an outlet for [me to focus on something other than] my academics, [which] I’m usually focused on throughout the day. I think [they] benefit me as a student because [they] teaches me discipline [because I have to keep] up with all of them. Also, when you apply to colleges, they look for you to be in clubs, so it helps academically, too.”