New High School’s Names

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Leena Sheikh

McClure Health Science High School Campus

Gwinnett County is building two new high schools, and the names of the schools has caused controversy.

Dan Seckinger and Robert McClure are two former members of the Gwinnett County Board of Education. In honor of their work for the county, the two high schools in construction would be named after them. McClure Health Science High School was opened this school year in the Meadowcreek High School Cluster.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC) said, “Much like the Paul Duke STEM High School, the first year at McClure High will be limited to students in the Meadowcreek Cluster, offering relief to Meadowcreek High School which at 3,378 student is currently over capacity. However, if the school has slots available after its initial registration period, it will accept transfers from students who attend other Gwinnett high schools. However, transportation will not be provided for out-of-cluster students.”

The other school -Daniel D. Seckinger High School- will be just down the street from Mill Creek.

The AJC also mentioned, “The school board was eager to put the Mill Creek cluster project on its new building list to help alleviate the continuing growth in the number of students it serves. Gwinnett had projected 1,000 new students, but it grew by about half of that number.”

Many have an issue with naming a high school after Seckinger after his arrest in 2010 for failing to pay child support for his four children.

“The economy has not been a friend to many these last few years,” Seckinger said in a statement regarding the arrest, “and that’s particularly true for those of us who made our living in the building industry. This is not an excuse, but it is, in fact, the reason.”

McClure Health Science School opened before the 2019-2020 school year, but the opening date for Daniel D. Seckinger High School is still to be decided.