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Update your Apple Product before Monday!


Contando Estrelas (licensed under Creative Commons)

iPhone 4 being updated

Apple warns those who have older Apple products from 2012 and earlier to update before Sunday, November 3. According to CNN, Apple said to update any“…[Old Apple] iPhone and iPad products in order to maintain GPS location and continue using the App Store, iCloud, email and web browsing.”

Apple also said, iPhones need updating because of the GPS rollover issue. Every 19 years GPS devices reset to measure time and dates accurately, according to the Office of Electricity at the Department of Energy.

It is important to get the correct update for the right Apple device. If the updates are not done before November 3, there will not be access to the internet. According to CNN, depending on the version of the device, the updated software version number should be 10.3.4 or 9.3.6. An iPhone 5 and iPad (4th generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular needs the update iOS 10.3.4. iPhone 4s, iPad mini (1st generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad 2 Wi-Fi + Cellular (CDMA models only), iPad (3rd generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular needs update iOS 9.3.6.

CNN quoted Apple saying, “If you don’t update your device before Sunday you will have to back up and restore your device using a computer. This is because iCloud Backup and over-the-air software updates will no longer work.”