HAWK Girl Summer

The Original "Hot Girl Summer"" at the Creek


Airyana Jones

Sidney Baskfield enjoying her Hot Girl Summer.

“Hot Girl Summer” was a trend created during the summer created by Megan Thee Stallion, of Houston, Texas.
According to Urban Dictionary, having a “Hot Girl Summer” means “[that you’re] just being you [and] just having fun. [It’s a] summer where you are in charge of your own happiness.”
Girls at Mill Creek are participating in the trend as well.
Abbie Rindlisbacher, 11, said, “My Hot Girl Summer [consisted] of me going to the beach with my friends. I really had fun and plan on having another Hot Girl Summer next year,”
Hot Girl Summer does not have to consist of hanging out with other people or doing stuff in groups.
Sidney Baskfield, 10, said “I had a Hot Girl Summer this year. I went to Detroit, Six Flags, and Philly to visit my family. I plan on having a Hot Girl Summer next year but by myself because I’m not a people person.”
While it is known as “Hot Girl Summer,” it is not strictly restricted for just girls to enjoy.
According to Dictionary.com, Stallion, being the one who created the trend, said, “It’s about women and men being unapologetically them, just having a good time, hyping up their friends, and doing you.”
Many men put their own spin on the trend by claiming to have a “City Boy Summer.”
“I had a City Boy Summer in Italy when I went there on vacation with my family. I was able to visit the vineyards and learn many Italian sayings and traditions,” Andrew Sasso, 11, said.
According to the website Mashable, “It’s 2019, and a Hot Girl Summer is coming to an end.”
As summer ends, we are now transitioning to “Hot Nerd Fall.”
According to the website HipHopWired, “While at BeautyCon, Megan Thee Stallion announced to the world that it’s going to be a “Hot Nerd Fall” when autumn arrives.”
“Hot Nerd Fall” is defined as being on top of your school work and achieving your academic goals.