Spotlight: Kate Lewis

The Freshman Homecoming Princess


Sydney Chansamone

Kate Lewis is crowned freshman homecoming princess by Principal Lane.

On Saturday, September 14, Mill Creek celebrated their homecoming event.

Each grade level selected a homecoming princess and prince, and the senior Homecoming King and Queen were announced. This year, the freshman winner for homecoming princess was Kate Lewis.

Lewis feels very grateful for winning, “It made me happy to know that people liked me enough to vote for me. For me to even be on the court was really cool.”

She also mentions her thoughts on the other potential princesses. She respects all of them, and she won’t have had a problem if one of the others won.

“I really didn’t think I was gonna win because all the other girls were very sweet,” Lewis continued, “I also try to be nice to everybody, but overall, I was very surprised.”

Traditionally, announcement of the class princesses and the queen are held at halftime of the homecoming game, but this year that was a problem. The game was postponed for multiple rain and lightning delays, and the girls and their escorts had to move and wait in the library, and then had to move again and wait in the fieldhouse for a while. They ended up walking back up to the gym after 11 p.m. when the football game was finally called with less than half the game time played. The court was finally announced near midnight.