Mill Creek Cereal Drive

Giving Back by Giving Breakfast


Stiles Ramsey

Mill Creek Cereal Drive poster advertised on bulletin board outside of C100 hallway

Mill Creek Cereal Drive

Giving back by giving breakfast

Mill Creek High School is holding a cereal drive from October 21-24 to help out families in the community.

The Gwinnett Coalition is holding their annual Great Days of Service this year from October 21 through October 25. On these days, the people of Gwinnett are encouraged to give back and volunteer to help better the community.

Last year, Mill Creek participated in the Great Days of Service by having the Wipe Out, where students were urged to bring in toilet paper for families in need. This year, students are encouraged to bring in boxes of cereal that will be donated to different food pantries in Gwinnett County.

Camile Irving, FA, is the counselor who started Mill Creek’s participation in Gwinnett’s Great Days of Service, and she is in charge of the cereal drive.

“I was trying to figure out something that would inspire kids but isn’t too expensive, so I thought everybody loves cereal. Everybody has a favorite cereal, right?” Irving said.

Every student is encouraged to bring in a box to help the families in need in the community

“It’s not hard to bring [in cereal]. It’s not too heavy [to carry cereal] on the bus, and it’s only two or four dollars for a box, so most people can afford it. If everybody brought one box in, we would have 4,000 boxes. I’m hoping for 1,000,” Irving said.

Students and teachers can bring in boxes of cereal to the counseling office from October 21 through October 24.

“Not many people know about [the cereal drive], so I’m really trying to pump it this year. I hope students participate and see the good they can do with something small,” Irving said.