College Fair

Connect to your future


Madison Whitehead

College Board

On October 22, the College Fair will be from 6 to 8 p.m. in the Commons area, and it will be hosted by the counselors.

The College Fair gives students an opportunity to look at a number of colleges from across the country and learn what they have to offer in academics, social activities, and other areas of interest.

Representatives from the colleges at the fair will be available to provide students with information about their college, such as the recommended GPA for students who wish to apply and the cost of tuition per year once enrolled in the college.

Students when looking for the right college, take into account location, programs, and GPA scores.
Victoria Xiong, 12, when deciding what college to go to said, “ I looked at location, and then looked at the courses they offered, because you know, some programs they didn’t have, and you don’t want to go somewhere and them not have your program.”

When applying for colleges Stephen Byl, 12, felt it was important to keep in mind GPA and SAT scores. Byl said, “I wanted to make sure I took them often and try to get a better score.”

Jessica Reszel, 12, believes attending a college fair can be productive for students who are thinking about what colleges to go to and what to major in. “The College Fair helps with what school you want to go to because different schools have different requirements and different things they specialize in,” Reszel said.

The College Fair will include colleges such as Oglethorpe, Auburn, and Georgia State. Going to the College Fair gives students an idea of what certain colleges specialize in and requirements needed to apply for school.

Samiya Basquin, 11, said, “I think it’s good to have an idea of what college you want to go to and what you want to be because, honestly, you’re helping yourself, and it’s more beneficial that way.”

If you have other questions about the College Fair, see Ms. Vanderpool in the counseling office.