Harvey The Hawk

On and Off the Field

Karen Suitor
Harvey in the stands with Kylie Harold.

Harvey The Hawk, Mill Creek’s Mascot who is played by a junior, went to mascot camp this summer to master his craft. Harvey traveled to San Antonio, Texas for a day long camp led by several professional NFL teams’ former mascots to give tips and advice to mascots in training all around America.

“At first, we learned how to do skits and create props,” Harvey said.
Then as the camp progressed they had talks about how to look forward into the future. Colleges give out scholarships to mascots, and that is something Harvey has said he is interested in.

“They taught us how to get our names out to college coaches,” Harvey said. “I would have to audition some time [during] my senior year, and if I were selected as one of the mascots they were interested in, I would go to that college and receive a small scholarship.”

Harvey not only has to maintain the life of the school mascot on the outside, but he also must keep his personal life on track as well. He is involved in many clubs at school that also require his attention. He feels there is a distinct difference being a speaker in many leadership clubs and being Harvey.

“Through clubs, I support more behind the scenes, but through Harvey, I am more active and out in the open and getting people hyped up,” Harvey said.

With only seven games left in the season, Harvey is eager to go out and do his part to make sure Mill Creek students show their spirit.

“I’m really excited to round out the season on a high note and send our seniors off in a spirited way,” Harvey said.