Spotlight Drew Bennett

Creeks Freeks: What it’s all about


Drew Bennett

The Creeks Freeks cheering on the football team at Dacula

Mill Creek’s pep club, the Creek’s Freeks, has returned for the 2019-2020 school year and is looking forward to welcoming new members and getting more students to attend football games and pep rallies. The Creek’s Freeks have already had their first meeting, but are still open to new members joining.

Creek’s Freeks member, Drew Bennett, said, “It would be helpful to get more people to show up to all the sporting events. I don’t think last year was as good as we could have had. I want to improve on that.”

The Creek’s Freeks are the school’s spirit club, and they attend sports games, particularly football, to support Mill Creek’s athletic programs. Their main goal is getting students to join them in supporting the school’s sports teams and athletes.

Bennett says that one of the best parts of Creek’s Freeks is “the leadership” and “being in the part that leads all the chants.”

The Creek’s Freeks teach leadership skills to benefit both the students involved in the club and the school’s athletes. By planning the pep rallies, the members are taught responsibility and how to lead events.

Bennett said, “It’s a lot of honestly just encouraging the sports teams and encouraging people to show up to the events.”

The Creek’s Freeks plan to continue towards their goal of getting as many students to show up to the sports games to cheer on the school’s athletes. Join them at the front of the student section at the next Hawk sporting event.