Spotlight Gabriel van Musschenbroek

Marching to Greatness


Evan Ferrell

Gabriel van Musschenbroek overcomes adversity with the help of other students and band directors.

Gabriel van Musschenbroek, 12, shares his experience through marching band since sixth grade.

“When I joined in sixth grade, I did not know how to play the clarinet. In the beginning, yes it was difficult to learn, but in high school, I was surrounded by upperclassmen who helped,” van Musschenbroek said. “We were learning much more difficult pieces, but with the help and experience of other students, I learned the music,” van Musschenbroek said. “And of course, the band director was a huge help. The environment was completely different.”

In his junior year, van Musschenbroek was placed in the highest band class and faced some difficulties.

“Last year in band I was given a very difficult piece of music, and I looked at it and thought, ‘I can’t do this,’” van Musschenbroek said. “But with the help of other members in my section and the director, I worked through and figured it out.”

Of course, marching band had it’s good moments as well. “Successfully playing my first game, Corky Kell, in ninth grade was definitely a proud moment that will stick with me forever.” said van Musschenbroek.

“I’m not quite sure what the future holds when it comes to band, but because of high school, I definitely have the skills,” said van Musschenbroek.