Spotlight Aiyana Bermudez

Bump. Set. Spike.

Aiyana Bermudez, 12, is on the varsity volleyball team. As the season began, she felt she and her team performed well.

Bermudez has a set routine to do before she plays in the game.

“I listen to pump music and get into the mindset of just playing the game. Its just me and the ball that I focus on, nothing else,” Bermudez said.

Bermudez emotional energy is a major asset for the games she plays in.

“It is a really good way [for me to] express my feelings. Because when you hit the ball, you have to be aggressive, so when I hit I let out my feelings,” Bermudez said.

As future games approach, she is most looking forward to playing against Norcross because they lost to them during the Region Tournament last year and at camp. She wasn’t able to attend the camp with her team, due to her attending her own college camp, NC A&T Elite volleyball camp.

“My college camp was excellent; it was a good experience,” Bermudez said. “I got to meet the team [and] the coach, and they really fell in love with my personality, and I fell in love with theirs, too. The school and the coaches were just amazing.”

After spending time with the team and coach, Bermudez decided that she will be attending the University of North Carolina A&T.