Mill Creek Receives Recognition from College Board

sydney harris

Gwinnett County Schools have received recognition for another year, by the College Board association, for “its efforts in getting students to take more rigorous courses and for how students performed in those classes,” (AJC).

This recognition is awarded to schools on the premise of promoting higher education, and encouraging dedication to courses within the schools, and is even more notable when schools include high numbers for AP registration and high performance in AP courses and exams for students of color and low-income students. Low-income students are often supported in this endeavor, as Gwinnett County will pay for one AP exam and charge a 10$ fee for that first exam, while each additional exam will cost $96.

Mill Creek was included in the College Board’s recognition this year, as Mill Creek has a 74% passing rate for AP exams, and “very high” enrollment rates in AP Math and Science courses, as well as other AP subject courses (

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