Melody Pogula Named CTE Student of the Year

Isabelle Harrel, Staff

Melody Pogula, a senior here at Mill Creek, was named the CTE, or career technology education, student of the year.

In order for a student to be selected as the CTE student of the year, he or she must first be chosen by his or her CTE teacher. The students who are selected have to complete an application as well as an essay, the latter of which is scored along with an interview with business people and administrators.

The Mill Creek student who qualifies as a CTE student of the year has to be a senior and in the final class of the engineering pathway.

Pogula has been an active participant in the field of engineering. She got the opportunity to be a paid intern at a civil engineering firm.

“I got the opportunity [to become an intern] when, one day, I talked to an old friend of my family, and he offered me a position as a paid intern,” Pogula said. “As an intern, I did a lot of CAD drawing, mainly designing a parking lot multiple times to get the most parking spots possible.”

Though, Pogula has faced some challenges since she has become involved with engineering.

“Honestly, the hardest part [of being in the engineering program] was just being a girl,” she said. “People never want[ed] to listen to me or my ideas just because I was a girl.”

“The teacher even made an announcement that I was the smartest person in the class, but the guys still never listened or would purposefully not do the things I suggested.”

“Things started changing near the end of the school year when they could actually see that I wasn’t ‘a dumb girl’ [and] that I actually knew what I was doing,” Pogula said.

“I mean I got an internship, became a TSA officer, and got a 99 in the class, but even after that, there are still people who doubt me just because I’m female.”