Mill Creek Dance Team Wins State

Isabelle Harrel, Staff

The Mill Creek Dance Team has finished its season after taking part in multiple competitions.

At the first competition, they won first place for both the pom and jazz categories as well as their senior small group dance. They also won the best costume for jazz. The team won third place for both pom and jazz at the second competition, and they won first place for jazz and second for pom at the last competition. Their solo dances also won first, second and third place at the first two competitions.

The team ended up winning in their division as well. They won the highest scoring piece and the second highest scoring piece in the 6A/7A division.

In order to prepare for the competitions, the team rehearsed several times a week.

“We prepared for the competition by practicing two to three times a week every week from August to February,” Alex Kopczynski, a junior on the dance team, said. “We even came in one time on our day off to fit in extra time to perfect the dances.”

The practices were meant to be intense for the members of the team.

“Practice is very hardcore and is meant to prepare you for competition days,” Kopczynski said. “For example, there would be times that the members of our team would be sick or injured but still had to push through because you don’t know what will happen when it comes time for the competition. It was about pushing your limits and keeping your energy up and making the movement as sharp as possible.”

In order to do as well as possible, the team made an effort to fix any mistakes and improve.

“This year, we spent a lot more time taping our dances during practices and at basketball games and analyzing what we had done wrong and needed to fix,” Kopczynski said. “This most definitely made a huge difference between us winning and getting lower places like we did last year because it allowed us to directly see the correction and fix it.”

Diana Kim, a senior on the dance team, has noticed changes that helped contribute to the team’s placements this year.

“We’ve done a lot more conditioning and cleaning of our pieces than before, and I think that this year we really focused on getting the right parts of our routines clean first, like the turn sections, then moving on to smaller details from there,” Kim said. “I think our team energy in our pieces really helped us, and I personally thought that our choreography this year was stellar.”