Toys ‘R’ Us Comeback?


Toys R Us buildings could be coming back

Evan Ferrell, Staff Writer

The large toy retailer “Toys ‘R’ Us” shut down due to bankruptcy on Friday, June 29, 2018, but they might be making a come back in the 2019 holiday season.

Richard Barry, a former Toys ‘R’ Us executive, said in a meeting with The Associated Press that he and his team were working on a way to make a United States comeback, including but not limited to free-standing stores and shops inside other stores. The details are still being figured out but Barry said that the e-commerce would play a central role.

In October of 2018, a group of investors won an auction for Toys ‘R’ Us assets believing they could revive the business chain rather than selling it off.

Starting Jan. 20, Barry and other former Toys ‘R’ Us executives founded “Tru Kids,” a new modern toy store, and they are managing the Toys ‘R’ Us, Babies ‘R’ Us, and Geoffery brands.

Barry said that he wants to focus more on the experiences in the physical buildings more now. The average square footage of the Tru Kids stores is around 10,000 square feet while the Toys ‘R’ Us buildings averaged 40,000 square feet.

Toys ‘R’ Us generated $3 billion in global retail sale in 2018. Tru Kids estimated that 40 to 50 percent of Toys ‘R’ Us market share is still available, despite other big-name retailers such as Walmart and Target are expanding their toy sections.