Mill Creek Idol


Mill Creek Idol Flyer.

Peyton Oakes

Mill Creek Idol auditions and concert are coming up very fast and there are important dates that are needed if students are interested. Auditions will be held on Wednesday, Jan.23 after school. The auditions will be in front of Mrs. Archer, the chorus teacher, and members of the Choral Council, that are students here at Mill Creek.

If a student is chosen, then that student will be chosen to be a contestant for Mill Creek Idol. The price to audition is $5, and you can sign up for an audition time outside of the chorus room, in the fine arts hall. The actual concert is Friday, Feb. 1. There are cash prizes for the top three winners. First place will win $75, second place will win $50, and third place will win $25. The song you will perform can be of any genre. The only exception is that it has to be school appropriate. The song can have accompaniment of any kind, or it can have an Mp3 track that goes with the song.