Look Back at Your Music With Spotify 2018 Wrapped

Madison Jackson, Staff Writer

Popular among its users, Spotify has brought back Spotify Wrapped which shows various songs and musicians they listened to throughout the year.

Spotify’s recap not only includes users’ most listened to songs and artists, but will tell users how much time they spent listening on the streaming service. Spotify will also determine users’ top genre of music and the first song they listened to in 2018.

Here is how to use Spotify Wrapped-

  • Visit Spotifywrapped.com from your phone or computer
  • Log into Spotify
  • Spotify will start to show you information about the music you played in 2018
  • Tap the down arrow to move through all 14 pages

Spotify has also included a playlist called “Your Top Songs 2018”, which is sorted starting with the songs you listened to the most. After you complete the overview of your music when you open the app on your phone, the playlist will be available.