The TBH App: a Summer Trend


The TBH logo which is an upcoming trend among teens.

Isabelle Harrel, staff

This past summer, an app called TBH, which stands for, to be honest, became very popular. The premise of TBH is simple. Only people in Georgia, Indiana, and Rhode Island can download the app. Whenever somebody creates a profile, the person puts in his or her grade and school. Once the information is added, the person’s name can be included as an answer choice to questions such as “Who makes you laugh the most?” Users are also able to answer and submit questions, and they can see when others select their names as an answer.

Students mainly use TBH to see what others in their school think of them. However, unlike with other apps, users remain anonymous when they submit and answer questions. Because of the anonymous feature, no one knows a specific individual’s opinion of them, creating both a mystery and curiosity.

Sophomore, Madison Ansoategui likes TBH because of it “, allows for others to know how their peers truly feel about them.” 

“I think the app is a great idea because people know what others think of them,” she said. “Some people are too shy to tell people things to their faces, and I think TBH is a great idea for those shy people.”

TBH isn’t the first resource to allow for people to post opinions about others. Prior to TBH, teens used to ask questions and share their thoughts.

Even though Ansoategui enjoys using the app, she doesn’t believe that its success will continue for much longer.

“I do in fact think the app will die down soon, just like any other app, but I do believe that it won’t go away forever. People will continue to use the app every once in a while, and that will be that.”