New Water Bottle Fillers


Evan Ferrell

Afrida Raidah, (10), tries the new water bottle filler in the main hallway.

Evan Ferrell, Staff Writer

On September 19 the school installed 12 water bottle fillers throughout the main hallways and commons. Doria Dragichiu’s Algebra 2 math class did a lesson on quadratics. For one of their projects they had to calculate the parabolas of water fountains around the school. The project was made to determine the ability to actually fill up the bottles. Their results proved that the normal spigots don’t provide the adequate amount of water to fill up water bottles.

Students from Ms. Dragichiu’s class have spoken about the new bottle fillers. Jared Brand(10) said “I like the new water bottle fillers, they let me quickly fill up my bottle all the way, where the other water fountains would only fill it up about half way and take a lot longer.”

Other students such as Daniel Michael(10) have different concerns “I appreciate the school listening to our request, but I’m concerned for the students with larger water bottles because the spout doesn’t go up high enough to fill up tall water bottles.”