Licence Plate Readers Installed in Duluth


Photo credit: Creative Commons

Isabelle Harrel, Staff

Six automatic licence plate reader cameras were installed in Duluth around a month ago.

The purpose of the readers are to check and see if stolen cars or drivers who have committed crimes are on the road.

According to,“’If the vehicle then comes back clear, you’re fine,’ said Officer Ted Sadowski. ‘If not, then the officer looking at the camera, possibly on patrol, waits for your vehicle to come.’”

If those living in a neighborhood with a camera in it don’t feel comfortable having all of their movements recorded, then they can either opt out of the footage or get their cars put on a list as residents.

The creators of the camera system developed a piece of technology called the “Safe List.” If a resident of the neighborhood registers his or her vehicle into the system, the footage taken of the car will be marked as resident or deleted from the system (

The goal of the cameras is to alert the police of any stolen vehicles or criminals without alerting the criminals that their actions have been discovered.