President Trump Receives Nomination for Nobel Peace Prize

Catherine Lysaught, Staff Writer

Because of Trump’s work in bringing peace between North and South Korea, he has been nominated for the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize. Trump, now on the list of candidates, is being supported by the House of Representatives and the South Korean President, Moon Jae-In.

As part of his campaign promise, Trump said that he planned to work towards improved relations between the feuding Koreans. Earlier this year, Trump began mediating between North and South Korea, and as of recently, there is a high potential for peace.

The awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize is often controversial as there are many factors taken into account before the winner is decided. There is especially controversy surrounding the candidate Donald Trump as some are unsure as to whether he deserves it.

Those opposed to Donald Trump winning cite the problems surrounding him in the United States, the issues of alleged sexual assault, his approach to decreasing illegal immigration, and his sometimes negative presence on social media.  According to the New York Times, “critics of the President and his often inflammatory rhetoric balk at the idea of Mr. Trump receiving one of the worlds most prestigious diplomatic awards.”

Additionally, those opposed to the idea cite the presence Donald Trump has surrounding him at times. Though his achievements with the Koreans is important, some worry it will be celebrating some of Donald Trump’s negative acts while in office. According to NewsWeekly, “recognizing those who helped bring peace to the region would seem like an easy choice, but a decision to give Trump the award could force the Nobel Prize committee into a fierce political debate on whether a man who has openly mocked foreign leaders, launched multiple airstrikes, and has threatened war, deserves an award for peace.”

Not all are against the idea of Trump winning the Nobel Peace Prize because the collaboration between North and South Korea marks a global victory. The current successes in Korea marks the possibility for peace and many people believe that warrants recognition. The House of Representatives, in their letter of recommendation cite the reason for his nomination as “his tireless work to bring peace to our world.”

At a press conference at the White House, it became apparent that Trump agreed with his nomination. When asked by a reporter whether he believes he deserves the award, Trump said, “everyone thinks so, but I would never say it.”

President Trump, if he were to win the Nobel Prize, would mark the fifth ever United States President to win. Trump would be joining Presidents Barack Obama, Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, and Jimmy Carter, all celebrated for their accomplishments at securing peace.