New Twitter Feature Provides People with More News


Isabelle Harrel, Staff

This month, Twitter will be adding a new feature in order to provide people with news more easily. The feature has to do with links to news articles and websites.

Instead of having people scroll until they find a link, Twitter will be putting links near the top of users’ timelines, with tweets related to the link put underneath it.

The goal of implementing this change is to make it easier for people to see the news that they’re looking for. By making it easier for people to access information, more people will use Twitter in the future, increasing its popularity.

According to Forbes, “Users see the news and clicks (or doesn’t) but it now takes them less time than scrolling past multiple tweets that reference the same thing – a smart move for time-poor users. Users still have the same amount of time for each Twitter visit but now more of that time can be spent looking at ads, content users want to search for and other content Twitter wants to push to you.”

Twitter is dedicated to making sure that people receive news that is factual, especially because people look to Twitter to get their news.

“…Our goal is to provide support to people in times of crisis, and show people what matters most,’ Del Harvey, Twitter’s Vice President for Trust and Safety said in a blog post in the aftermath of the attack at YouTube headquarters” (

“Over the past few months, we’ve refined our tools, improved the speed of our response, and identified areas where we can improve,” Harvey said.

Photo credit: Creative Commons