Woman Charged $500 for Free Apple on Delta Flight


Isabelle Harrel, Staff

During the week of April 16, Crystal Tadlock was fined $500 after an apple that was given to her on her flight was found in her bag.

Tadlock was given the apple on a flight from Paris to the US. She had put it in her bag so that she could eat it on her flight to Denver (bbc.com).

While Tadlock was being searched when she landed in the US, a US boarder control agent found the fruit in her bag. Tadlock asked if she should eat it then or throw it away, and instead of responding with one of the two options, the agent gave her a fine of $500. Her Global Entry status has been revoked, which means that she no longer has the privilege of expedited security checks.

Delta said that the reason for the punishment was because the apple was meant to be eaten on the plane. Tadlock putting the apple in her bag breaks the US Customs and Boarder Protection’s rule against taking food and drinks meant for in-flight meals off of the planes.

According to BBC News, “The apple in question was part of an in-flight meal meant to be consumed on the aircraft,” Delta said.

Photo credit: Creative Commons