Amazon Car Delivery


Catherine Lysaught , Staff Writer

On Tuesday, April 24, Amazon Prime introduced a new delivery option, allowing customers to give Amazon Prime access to their cars. Using smartphones paired with the technology in cars, customers can give Amazon Prime access to their cars so that the package can be placed in the trunk and the car then relocked.

In October of 2017, Amazon introduced their in-home delivery system which would allow Amazon’s delivery employees to place ordered packages inside people’s homes. Now, they go one step further by delivering packages directly to people’s cars, wherever they may be.

Currently, this system is only available for Amazon Prime customers that own a newer car from Volvo or General Motors, but Amazon plans on expanding to more vehicles based on the success of the program. “Customers must have a 2015 or later Chevrolet, Buick, GMC or Cadillac vehicle or a 2015 or newer Volvo” (New York Times).

Aside from specific vehicle qualifications, customers must also live in certain states as the program is not yet available in every state. Currently, in-car delivery is only available in 37 states around the United States.

In order to use this system, customers must download the Amazon Key app and select their vehicle make and model. The app allows all customers to select the location of their vehicle and the time they want the package delivered. “The app also notifies you when your delivery is on its way, when your package has been delivered, and when your car was unlocked and relocked” (