Starbucks Cafes Are Shutting Down for Racial Training


Isabelle Harrel

Starbucks has asked many civil rights leaders to help with the program, including former U.S. Atty. Gen. Eric Holder and Anti-Defamation League Chief Executive Jonathan Greenblatt.

Isabelle Harrel, Staff

On Tuesday May 29th, more than 8000 Starbucks cafes across the country will be shut down. While the cafes are shut down, the staff will going through racial bias training.

According to the LA Times, “[the seminars will be held] in response to a viral video of two black men being arrested in a Philadelphia store.”

The men who were arrested had come to Starbucks for a meeting. When one of them wanted to use the restroom, he was prohibited from doing so because he hadn’t bought anything. An employee called the police, and the men were escorted out of the cafe for trespassing.

Starbucks has asked various civil rights leaders as well as officials to assist them in developing a plan for the staff to follow ( The plan is for the racial bias training to cover issues such as implied bias, promoting inclusion and preventing discrimination.

“‘The company’s founding values are based on humanity and inclusion,”‘ Howard Schultz, an executive chairman at Starbucks, said in a post on Starbucks Newsroom. “We will learn from our mistakes and reaffirm our commitment to creating a safe and welcoming environment for every customer.”