Mill Creek Dance Team Ends Their Season


Photo credit: Alex Kopczynski

Isabelle Harrel, Staff

On February 10th, the Mill Creek Dance Team ended their season after the last competition.The team placed 2nd in both the pom and jazz categories at the first competition, 4th and 6th at the second competition, and 3rd in both categories at the last competition.While rehearsing for and competing in the competitions, there was the thing that the team struggled with.“The team struggled through getting through the dances with the same energy as the teams we were competing against due to the difficulty of the routine,” sophomore Alex Kopczynski said.Though, the team didn’t let that bring them down. Instead, they worked to improve.

“We worked to overcome these by coming in every day during our lunches and running the dance at least twice and doing all the motions,” Kopczynski said. “We also had some conditioning days and worked hard in practice to get the routine to where it should be.”The support everyone gave each other is what helped each person improve.
“The love and support from other teammates helped us all improve, whether it be on small corrections or helping one another master something we weren’t the best at,” Kopczynski said.

“We all were happy to give input, [and] that ultimately allowed us to do as well as we did.”One of the biggest lessons the team learned this season is how to play to each other’s strengths.“The team learned that we are able to find our greatest strengths within each other,” Kopczynski said. “We learned that on a dance team, you are no longer dancing for or by yourself, and your greatest strength is in numbers.”Kopczynski isn’t sure about what, if anything, will change next competition season.
“The people on the team change, but other than that, I don’t think there is much that will be changing, but who knows,” she said. “A new season and team are bound to have things that don’t work as well as they [did before] or [have things that] may work better. It’s all about listening to your coaches and finding what is best for the team at all times.”