Student Thoughts on Cyber Days


Isabelle Harrel and Maggie Mosley

This year, Gwinnett County Public Schools has had three cyber learning days due to weather. These have been the first three in Gwinnett’s school system history.

Brandon Portier, a junior here at Mill Creek, said, “I hate [cyber days] because the ‘million dollar’ website is always breaking down.  It took me forever to even get logged on.  Not only that, but they add more work than we would do if we were in school.  My sister had to do three 50-question test preps for one class.  I personally, and I am sure that others have this problem too, don’t have a computer at home, so I have to wait.  Some things they want us to do, we cannot do on our phones.”

On the other hand, freshman Ashlyn Buick liked the cyber days. She said, “I like it because once I finish my work for one class, I can move on to the next one and don’t have to sit in a classroom.  If I wanted to, I can take a break and I don’t have to keep working nonstop.  It was just more relaxing and way less stressful.”

Many students thought their cyber work was more enjoyable than class.

“My orchestra assignment [was probably the most interesting]. We were to go to a program online and it was a ‘game’ where you had to identify key signatures. It was definitely my only class that used technology creatively,” sophomore, Lydia Morris said.

Some people were able to finish other work besides the assignments given.

Senior Alex Lewis  said, “I created a rendering (a graphic that shows what you are going to build looks like) for a cabinet that will hold sheets of sandpaper for my shop.”

Daniel Hettesheimer also was able to take advantage of the cyber days and do something he enjoyed.

“I got to sleep in and run, which was nice considering I usually have to take time away from homework to do either of those things,” he said.

Photo credit: Emma Morris