Amazon Go Opens First Grocery Store


Catherine Lysaught, Staff Writer

On January 22, Amazon Go, a futuristic grocery store with no lines, no cashiers, and no wait, opened to the public. Amazon released the news about their store in December 2016, but for the first time, it was open to the public. Amazon Go had their first store opened in Seattle, Washington and said franchising would depend on the success of the first store.

The only thing required to shop at the Amazon Go Store is a free Amazon account and the free Amazon Go app. Customers can scan their app at the door and then they are free to shop. When they leave the store, all of the items in their bags are instantly charged to their Amazon account.

When customers pick items off of the shelves and place them in their bags, the item is charged to their Amazon account. When customers are done shopping, they simply walk out of the store with their items. The bill for items is added to the customers Amazon account and they can pay it at any time. “Every time customers grab an item off a shelf,” Amazon says “the product is automatically put into the shopping cart of their online account. If customers put the item back on the shelf, Amazon removes it from their virtual basket” (NY

The appeal of Amazon Go is that customers can buy any items found in a regular grocery store and leave without check-out lines, cashiers, or a wait. There is a small staff of employees in each store, but they are only to help, prepare food, and check ID cards for purchases of alcohol or tobacco products.

Amazon Go is meant to replace normal grocery stores by increasing the speed and convenience of the shopping experience. The store offers all of the items that can be found in grocery stores, but they also have a selection of ready-to-eat snacks and meals and local products. “Amazon offers delicious ready-to-eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack options made by our chefs and favorite local kitchens and bakeries” (

Amazon Go is a futuristic grocery store meant to enable customers to a faster and more efficient shopping experience by cutting out lines and cashiers. Currently, the store is only open in one location in Seattle, Washington, but Amazon is planning to add their modern grocery stores in locations all around the country.