Cast of Radium Girls Prep to Perform at ThesCon


Isabelle Harrel, Staff Writer

On December 6th, it was announced that the cast of Radium Girls, a student production that was performed at Mill Creek in October, has been selected to perform their play at ThesCon. ThesCon is a convention held in Columbus, Georgia where students from theater programs all over the state come to watch each other’s performances and take classes on different aspects of theater.

When preparing for their performances, the cast found it challenging to adjust the projection of their voices.

“Projection is difficult in general because our theater eats sound,” Caitlyn Blanchard said, a sophomore who is in the theater program. “We are constantly told to be louder.”

The projection of their voices was one of the cast’s main focuses when preparing and performing, mostly because ThesCon doesn’t provide microphones to the actors.

“At the competition, I’m assuming [the judges] don’t let us use mics because there are so many people performing within such a short time of each other,” Caitlyn Blanchard said.

Though, Blanchard doesn’t think that the challenge keeps the actors from improving.

“I believe that, as actors, it helps to not have mics in a large venue like the Infinite Energy Center because we can really work on projection,” she said. “We’re always told that projection is really important to be a good actor.”

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