Gabriella Cabrera Choreographs a Dance for the Next Dance Show

Isabelle Harrel, Staff Writer

Here at Mill Creek, students taking dance have the opportunity to choreograph a routine for the dance show. Junior Gabriella Cabrera was able to get this opportunity, and she choreographed a piece called “Rise Up” for the Christmas show, “Rudolph and Student Works.”

Cabrera decided to pursue the opportunity of choreographing something for the Christmas show after she had to choreograph a routine for an audition to become one of the captains on the color guard team.

“I decided to try choreographing my first dance after I had to choreograph a routine for my Captain audition,” she said. “Even though I didn’t get the position, I realized how different it is to perform your own choreography rather than someone else’s. With a couple people’s encouragement, I decided to give it a try [for dance], and I honestly fell in love.”

After choreographing a routine for other people for the first time, Cabrera learned that there’s a limit to how much compromise is acceptable.

“From choreographing for the first time, I now know not to comprise so much on my thoughts for what the dancers can do,” she said. “Sometimes it’s okay, but you need to know when enough is enough.”

Though, struggling to find a balance of compromise and her own thoughts didn’t push Cabrera away from choreographing another routine for the next dance show. For her next piece, she is working with a friend on a Kesha song.

“The dance my friend, Natalia, and I are doing this semester is based off Kesha and her new song, “Praying,” and what she had to overcome to start producing music [as well as] the inner demons we all face,” Cabrera said.

Cabrera prefers to convey a message with her dance rather than just putting moves together that are impressive.

“My favorite thing to express is actually the emotions of the music’s artist,” she said. “Often, especially when I choreograph, I search the meanings behind the songs. I prefer to convey a message with my dances because most artists write a song based on their stories and we are the visual representation of that.”

For Cabrera, the most difficult part about choreographing her dance has been perfecting it.

“The hardest part of putting together this dance was just making sure everything lined up perfectly,” Cabrera said. “My friend Natalia, who is choreographing with me, and I completely changed the entire dance over the break and decided to go with a mash up piece. This made it hard as we only used instrumental music, so we can’t give lyrics as reference points for timing.”

Photo credit: Isabelle Harrel