Net Neutrality’s Impact on the Internet


Isabelle Harrel and Maggie Mosley

Net Neutrality is a growing controversy. People have been fighting about this for years, but it is finally coming into the public’s eye. On December 14th, the Federal Communications Commision will be voting on the Net Neutrality bill.

Basically, Net Neutrality is the freedom to visit any website without delays or being blocked from by internet providers ( Without Net Neutrality, big internet carriers can block sites because the company does not like the content on the website or because it is a competitor’s website.

Some people think that Net Neutrality is an essential thing to have while others are opposed to it.

President Trump’s FCC chairman, Ajit Pai, is one of the people who want to abolish Net Neutrality.

When Net Neutrality was established in 2015, the FCC had to use the best legal foundation possible in order for it to work. As a result, they decided to use Title 2, so they would be able to have the strictest rules possible.

Title 2 prevents companies from messing with the accessibility of websites, and this is Chairman Pai wants to get rid of.

According to, Chairman Pai “wants to ditch Title 2 and return the FCC to a ‘light touch’ Title 1 approach.” This would allow for companies to influence web traffic, making the open internet much less open. describes the Trump administration’s goal regarding Net Neutrality best: “The Trump administration is doing everything in its power to clamp down on dissent. If we lose Net Neutrality, it will have succeeded.”

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons