Kaitlyn Guy Admitted to GHP Dance


Photo courtesy of Kaitlyn Guy

Isabelle Harrel, Staff Writer

 On October 20th, the results of the county auditions for the Governor’s Honors Program for dance were revealed. Kaitlyn Guy, a sophomore on the dance team here at Mill Creek, has moved on to the state level of auditions in February. For each level of auditions, dancers have to take classes, go through an interview, and perform a solo for the panel of judges. Guy choreographed a dance to the song “True Colors,” which she chose because of its message.“The message that my song conveyed was about bullying and preventing it and seeing the true colors in people who are doing it,” she said. In order to convey the message of the song, Guy had to use her movements as a form of expression.“I tried to make my movement slower and use more facial expressions to make it more emotional for the judges watching it,” she said. When asked if she preferred to have meanings behind her dances, Guy responded, “I usually like having a meaning because it makes [dancing] more enjoyable for me,” Guy said. “[It’s more enjoyable for me] because I’m able to dance with a purpose rather than just doing it for no reason.”