Zombie Frappucino


Credit to: kingmarystarbucks on Instagram

Isabelle Harrel, Staff Writer

One thing Starbucks is known for is creating drinks that are only available during a certain season or around a certain holiday.

In the spirit of Halloween, Starbucks is continuing this trend by launching their limited edition Zombie Frappuccino, which will be available from October 26th to the 31st.

According to USA Today, the drink is composed of “green caramel apple powder, pink powder, pink ‘brains’ whipped cream and a ‘pink mocha drizzle.”

When asked about her thoughts on the drink, freshman, Elizabeth Parra, said that she isn’t overly eager to try the Zombie Frappucino, but she isn’t against doing so.

“I’m okay with it as long as it doesn’t have a horrid taste,” she said. “Chances are I won’t get it, but I wouldn’t mind trying it.”