Reflections Deadlines are Within Reach

Catherine Lysaught, Staff

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PTSA Reflections competitions are beginning for the 2017-2018 school year, this year with a theme of Within Reach. The deadline for submissions will be September 27, 2017 and they can be turned into Mrs. Neff in room C102 or Mr. Lasseter in room G105. Students entering into this PTSA sponsored competition can submit their original work under the categories: 2D Art, Film, Dance Choreography, Music Composition, Literature, or Photography.

After entering the competition, the artists work will be judged at a school level, and if it places it will advance to the county  competition and possibly the state or national competitions. Artists are grouped by their art category as well as by their grade division, meaning high school, middle school, and elementary school. Competitors are not limited to one submission, for they may submit in multiple categories more than once.

The PTSA Reflections is a competition aimed towards recognizing young budding artists, giving them a sense of confidence in their own work. Ethan Clark, the Manager of Education and Arts Initiatives at National PTSA, said, “When children express themselves through words, pictures, music, photography and other art forms, they grow intellectually. The National PTSA Reflections program helps parents encourage and recognize the continuous self-discovery process of their children.”

PTSA Reflections are an opportunity for students to use the artistic skills they already possess and channel them into improving their personal academic advantage. By promoting art education and giving young artists recognition for their work, students become more confident and are more willing to take chances. The National PTSA website said, “Arts education has the ability to level the playing field because it provides a safe learning environment where students take risks, explore ideas and express their individuality. Students also learn to support their peers in a positive way by breaking down communication barriersprobably because the arts are a universal language.”

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Reflections Deadlines are Within Reach